Live Show Report: Luck O'The Irish Live

Today's post brings us back to March 18th, 2018 in Acton, Ontario, Canada.
This was a very last minute show for me as I signed up around a week before the actual show. Thanks Alyssa for organizing!

I showed in every division this time: OF Breyer, OF Minis, Peter Stone, Customs, and Performance!

My table was pretty small, as like 90% of my show string are Minis! Yay Minis!!
I tried to be organized as I really hate rushing during the show... I ended up showing up 15 minutes before the show started and managed to get organized! The tables were so long and it was so nice to have so much room! All of my performance props were on the other 1/3 of the table that didn't make it into the shot (woops!)

I will start off with Performance as it was the first division that started with Open:
(Note: I ended up snoozing on the first 3 classes)
Erica's lovely liver chestnut jumping in Hunter/Jumper
Ann's Jumper was also competing in that class, both are lovely set ups!
Erica's Hazel…

Breyer Stablemate Mystery Foal 2018 Families Review

Hello everybody,
Long time, no post... Unfortunately, I have been feeling uninspired and as well as busy. I have managed to acquire 3 Breyer Stablemate Family with a mystery foal sets release of 2018 and decided to review them! Now, I don't see them on the Breyer website but the tack shop and hobbyist who I go to for my Breyer purchases has already managed to snag some! I will be going over each stablemate in detail, now let's begin!

My lovebird parrot, Peach(y), supervising the photo taking. I opted for a white backdrop in the end instead!

Family 1: Andalusian Stallion and Running Mare
As you can see in the picture above, we have a new SM mold (Kitty Cantrell's Running Mare) for the regular run collection! 

The Andalusian stallion is a gorgeous creamy buckskin with a large star on his forehead and 4 white socks. I don't think that Breyer has done this type of buckskin colour on any of the other regular run stablemates. Now, let's compare how it looks like with othe…