Breyer Stablemate Mystery Foal 2018 Families Review

Hello everybody,
Long time, no post... Unfortunately, I have been feeling uninspired and as well as busy. I have managed to acquire 3 Breyer Stablemate Family with a mystery foal sets release of 2018 and decided to review them! Now, I don't see them on the Breyer website but the tack shop and hobbyist who I go to for my Breyer purchases has already managed to snag some! I will be going over each stablemate in detail, now let's begin!

My lovebird parrot, Peach(y), supervising the photo taking. I opted for a white backdrop in the end instead!

Family 1: Andalusian Stallion and Running Mare
As you can see in the picture above, we have a new SM mold (Kitty Cantrell's Running Mare) for the regular run collection! 

The Andalusian stallion is a gorgeous creamy buckskin with a large star on his forehead and 4 white socks. I don't think that Breyer has done this type of buckskin colour on any of the other regular run stablemates. Now, let's compare how it looks like with othe…

"Fire & Ice" Arabian SM Scale Set

I ordered a few carpets off of Amazon around the same time I finished up my "Hyacinth" set (lavender + purple + pink set). They came in around a week ago and I decided to give another shot at making an arabian SM scale costume for my lonely arabian artist resin (Paisley) mare.

This set, I decided to call "Fire & Ice", because of the colours that I have chose of course but as well as a Game of Throne reference as well.

In my opinion, I think this set turned out better than the last one that I have completed! Now, if only I had a few more arabian SM scale models that I could show this set on se well! 

I cannot wait to show this set at the next live show!

Right: Hyacinth set, Left: Fire & Ice set

 I chose not to add tassles to the bridle/halter because Paisley's face is a little small and I feel like it would just cover up her whole head! 
Any critics? Feel free to comment! All feed back is appreciated :)

Toronto Live Show 2017 Haul

Close up pictures of the pretty ponies I bought at the Toronto Live Show :)

Making an Arabian Native Tack Set

Stablemate sized tack is always hard, an Arabian native set seemed impossible... But since I got my Arabian resin, in November 2016, it inspired me to make a set specifically for her. 
 The lady that I bought her from (2nd hand or maybe even 3rd) sent her out all the way from Australia! I love Australia and it was a coincidence that my very first Artist Resin turned out to fly in from there :)
I started with making the halter part first, this seemed simple enough, but the chain was a pain to find that didn't look big on her face! Next I started on the neck piece and attached 2 little tiny braids, I decided that this set is going to be lavender, purple and berry pink.  Next came measuring the saddle part and of course making the saddle tree...

Peach decided he wanted to be a part of my tack making as well!

Embroidery was a bit of a pain.... I think I have redone the pattern at least 5 times!

In the background you can see that I was watching Spirit and looking at reference pictures