"Fire & Ice" Arabian SM Scale Set

I ordered a few carpets off of Amazon around the same time I finished up my "Hyacinth" set (lavender + purple + pink set). They came in around a week ago and I decided to give another shot at making an arabian SM scale costume for my lonely arabian artist resin (Paisley) mare.

This set, I decided to call "Fire & Ice", because of the colours that I have chose of course but as well as a Game of Throne reference as well.

In my opinion, I think this set turned out better than the last one that I have completed! Now, if only I had a few more arabian SM scale models that I could show this set on se well! 

I cannot wait to show this set at the next live show!

Right: Hyacinth set, Left: Fire & Ice set

 I chose not to add tassles to the bridle/halter because Paisley's face is a little small and I feel like it would just cover up her whole head! 

Any critics? Feel free to comment! All feed back is appreciated :)