Live Show Report: Luck O'The Irish Live

Today's post brings us back to March 18th, 2018 in Acton, Ontario, Canada.
This was a very last minute show for me as I signed up around a week before the actual show. Thanks Alyssa for organizing!

I showed in every division this time: OF Breyer, OF Minis, Peter Stone, Customs, and Performance!

My table was pretty small, as like 90% of my show string are Minis! Yay Minis!!
I tried to be organized as I really hate rushing during the show... I ended up showing up 15 minutes before the show started and managed to get organized! The tables were so long and it was so nice to have so much room! All of my performance props were on the other 1/3 of the table that didn't make it into the shot (woops!)

I will start off with Performance as it was the first division that started with Open:
(Note: I ended up snoozing on the first 3 classes)

Erica's lovely liver chestnut jumping in Hunter/Jumper

Ann's Jumper was also competing in that class, both are lovely set ups!

Erica's Hazel mini made her debut during this show in the English Other class! 
(Erica borrowed my jump and added the flags on it since I wasn't using it)

Erica's Mini Hazel wearing Anna Helt's lovely tack! It's just incredible!

 English Other entries

Western Games

Western Working

Western Other

Call backs for Open Performance! So hard to choose which one!

Erica's little Hazel won champ of open performance! What a perfect debut!

Up next was Novice Performance, now this is the section that I was in because I was not confident enough to compete against the powerhouses of Ontarians' performance!

My little Breyer Mini was participating in all the english classes with my makeshift English set... and snagged a 1st place in both English Pleasure and English Other!

English Other Entries (now the jumping pony was put up in its proper place but I didn't seem to get a picture of it)

My new Working Girl AR made her debut this show too! She was both in Western Pleasure and Western Other. She snagged 1st places in those! This is my favourite picture of her from the show. She's wearing my Rachel Mitchell's Western Working Tack Set.

Wayne's bulls entry for Western Other

Competition in the Novice was fierce! My little poles entry ended up snagging the first place.

Costume class was another debut for my Paisley Resin, she is wearing my homemade Arabian Native Costume set and snagged a 1st, and my Peter Stone DAH Arabian got 4th and Lynn's lovely CM Weathergirl got 2nd!

Next was Other Performance, I decided to put my Working Girl resin back in with a ranching entry. I think this shot was pretty artsy! 

Amanda's little cart entry which is so nice and amazing!

Novice Performance callbacks! All of my mini scale ladies have managed to participate in the callbacks... and...

My Working Girl resin got Champion ribbon! My first in performance and my 2nd rosette (Champ reserve for Novice Customs) in my model horse showing career!

Up Next were Artist Resins!

My little Paisley did well by taking 1st place against Lynn's amazing 2018 NaMoPaiMo and the micro mini is Erica's 2018 NaMoPaiMo!

Erica's Hazel made another appearance!

Ann's Jumper also made an appearance

And Erica's big jumper!

A Chewie Resin (owned by Kaylee?)

My 2018 NaMoPaiMo unfortunately missed his breed class but reappeared in the Pinto Workmanship class and got 6th place!

Artist Resin Breeds Callback! My two girls: Paisley and Working Girl managed to participate. I believe Erica's Hazel (painted by Wild Horse Studios) won Reserve Champion and Champion went to Lynn's beautiful liver chestnut Arabian!

Up Next were Customs:
I bought this guy from Lynn (Snowdrift Studio on Facebook) before the show and he is just a gorgeous minimal dappled Palomino Andalusian! But I ended up walking away with not just one of her customs... but TWO!

This gorgeous guy is a slightly resculpted (filled in and raised tail) Breyer Django mold also by Snowdrift Studio aka Lynn... A breathtaking Perlino! 

Both boys did well, the Palomino got 2nd in a tough Spanish class and 4th in Workmanship. The Perlino got 1st in Breed and 3rd in Workmanship!

My very first custom by a professional was by Lynn as well and he has done exceptionally well! His results are in the end ;)

Custom Breeds Callback

Lynn's 2018 NaMoPaiMo and Champion of the Artist Resin division!

Artist Resin Workmanship callbacks! Working Girl got nosed out of a NAN card in Chestnut Workmanship but Paisley managed to get first in Greys and Breed.

Peter Stone Callbacks
My Peter Stones did well too... My Chestnut (left) and Liver Chestnut (right) both got 1st and 2nd places in their classes.

To wrap things up:

My Working Girl Resin ("Pretty Lil Penny") got 1st places & 2nd in her Performance and 1st place in Breed Quarter Horses Artist Resin division and 3rd in Artist Resin Chestnut Workmanship! 

My Lynn's draft custom got 1st in Breed and 2nd in Workmanship Chestnut

Here are my lovely Customs and Artist Resins! 

Until the next show report,

Breyer Stablemate Mystery Foal 2018 Families Review

Hello everybody,
Long time, no post... Unfortunately, I have been feeling uninspired and as well as busy. I have managed to acquire 3 Breyer Stablemate Family with a mystery foal sets release of 2018 and decided to review them! Now, I don't see them on the Breyer website but the tack shop and hobbyist who I go to for my Breyer purchases has already managed to snag some! I will be going over each stablemate in detail, now let's begin!

My lovebird parrot, Peach(y), supervising the photo taking. I opted for a white backdrop in the end instead!

Family 1: Andalusian Stallion and Running Mare
Family 1: Andalusian Stallion, Running Mare and Standing Foal molds
As you can see in the picture above, we have a new SM mold (Kitty Cantrell's Running Mare) for the regular run collection! 

The Andalusian stallion is a gorgeous creamy buckskin with a large star on his forehead and 4 white socks. I don't think that Breyer has done this type of buckskin colour on any of the other regular run stablemates. Now, let's compare how it looks like with other buckskins that I have:

As you can see, it is the lightest and most yellow out of these three buckskins. It is matte and does not have any shimmer to its colour and looks very creamy compared to the two that are on his left.

Here, he is captured by my other Andalusian stallion in the same mold. I think both are now going to be apart of my OF Mini show string! (Which will be a wooping 27 member OF mini show string!). I adore the mold which Brigitte Eberl created but very VERY tippy mold. Both are responsible for the constant dominos in my mini collection. I do think that Breyer has over sprayed the mane on the creamy buckskin but it is pretty typical of Breyer to do that in the buckskins from what I have noticed and own. 

Up next: The Running Mare by Kitty Cantrell

This is a brand new model and mold in my collection! Previously she was pretty exclusive (BreyerFest 2017, Porcelain and Premier Collection). 

To be honest, I was not excited or "oh I cannot wait until she is released as a regular run" mood with this mold. But once I got her in the Breyer 2018 Mystery Foal Family... I was pleasantly surprised. 

 She is a very nice shaded dark bay and has 3 white socks. But her head seems to be a little to large for her very slim body. I have not decided what breed I will assign on her yet but she is going to be part of my OF mini show string! 

Up Next: Standing Foal by Jane Lunger 

This will be my 2nd foal on this mold and at first I was not too excited about this foal either from looking at the sneak peeks that I am sure we all got to see back in December 2017. Again, he was a pleasant surprise!

A very soft champagne colour with BLUE eyes! I think this is a first for a breyer foal to have blue eyes! He is going to be joining my OF Mini show string as well and I think he is definitely the favourite model from this family! I don't have any champagne models that I could compare his colour to but both this foal and his dad (Andalusian stallion) have a very creamy soft colour.

Family 2: Rivet and G4 Drafter
I think I am disappointed with this family pack, not because of the models but the fact that Breyer decided to put 2 stallions instead of a stallion and a mare. I am not sure why they would do that either. But with the genders aside, I think this is my favourite pack! I will explain shortly:

Rivet is a gorgeous stone blue roan colour, I know it looks a little green in these pictures but my phone (oh by the way, all these pictures were taken by my Samsung S7) and it seems to prefer him in green! 

He has a nice large star and 4 socks to complete this look! He is very matte as well.

I adore this mold by Jane Lunger! He is my 2nd in this mold (I also have the Red Roan Mustang from the Stablemate assortment) and I am in love with both of my Rivets! Very happy to acquire another one and both of them are roans! I also adore roans...

Up next: G4 Drafter by Kathleen Moody

Now this one I did not expect to like! I don't particularly like the mold but I seem to be very picky about my drafters but this chocolate bay I seem to have fallen in love with! 

He is EXTREMELY shiny! I would not call him Glossy but he is definitely not Matte either! He is also going into my show string! It seems like all the stablemates that I have gotten this year are joining the show string! He is my 2nd on this mold as well... Both of those I've gotten through mystery foal family packs!

Up Next: Lying Foal by Jane Lunger 

Now with this one, there is a different story. I LOVE the lying foal mold! It is also a 2nd on this mold and both also just like the G4 draft came from a mystery foal family pack!

She (I think), is a beautiful bay roan with 2 little socks on her hind legs. 

Who is also joining my show string! Now, this pack is my favourite from the 3 that I have acquired because of the colours and Rivet and lying foal mold!

Family 3: Arabian and Valegro

This pack is by far the most disappointing pack that I have ever acquired (which are 5 in total counting these 3). Read on to find out why:

Breyer went for this fleabitten grey colour which is nice and I don't think they have done one like this previously. I already adore the mold (which was created by Jennifer Scott), BUT his deformed leg was the biggest disappointment

As you can see in this picture his front leg has this bit of plastic or paint stuck on him? It may have been plastic because I was unable to just snap it off. 

Otherwise, he has a very nice large star and 2 white socks on his hind legs. I was looking forward to this pack the most because of the new colour and the mare. Sadly, he would not be joining my show string... He might get customized later or I might keep him, unsure yet since I really do like his colour!

Up Next: Arabian by Kathleen Moody

This is another new mold I was excited to add to my collection! I didn't have an Arabian stablemate in my collection and finally I have one! 

She has a beautiful metallic chestnut chrome-y colour with a very nice tobiano paint pattern

4 white socks and a blaze!

Her back was so nice that I decided to take a picture of it as well! I think she is my favourite from this pack! And she is nice enough to add to my show string as well! Now... I officially can enter every OF Mini class (excluding the long ears/donkey/mule class)!

Up Next: Scrambling Foal by Sarah Rose

This will be my 3rd model on this mold. Which I like, but they are very tippy... Constantly falling and making a domino effect on my foal collection... Which is why they are always laying down on their sides on my shelf after experiencing 10 domino effects from them -_-

I like the pattern that Breyer has chosen but the paint job was terrible on this one (although it might be just mine!)

Lots of spots where it looked like the model was bumped into something while the paint was drying in the painting process. This guy won't be joining the show string and staying home! 

Well, that's all for this post! Any thoughts on the new releases from Breyer this year? Any favourites? Should I do another review of a 4 Stablemate pack 2018 (Wild At Heart set) that I bought this year? Leave a comment below with your thoughts! :)


Live Show Report: Luck O'The Irish Live

Today's post brings us back to March 18th, 2018 in Acton, Ontario, Canada. This was a very last minute show for me as I signed up aroun...