BCS Model Horse Winter Photo Challenge!

Hello everybody, today is a treat...
Because I'm using my creative juices to put together an "entry" to a photo challenge!

I love a challenge, and when Braymere Custom Saddlery said she wants to host a photo challenge. I thought that I just have to do it!

I must say, some of these entries I had to REALLY think about on what I should use... I took this challenge seriously and not seriously at the same time...

1. Vintage

Nothing says "vintage" like an old photograph with the ol' Western Sepia effect! Looks like Cowboy ran away from his owner... Again!

I am pretty sure he's from the "Wonderful World of Horses Touring Lipizzaner Show" (~5000 made),

2. Nekkid
Another lesson... Don't go swimming in the pool with your clothes unattended and your horse untied! :)
3. Scale Issues

I think I agree with him... This horse does seem a little out of scale!

4. I See Spots

I see a whole lot of spots at the Spotty Ball!
5. Unbridled Passion

Liberty training in the Summer sunset
I've always wanted to try liberty training!

Honeydew eating sugarcubes from his owner's hand
A day at the barn,

6. Rare Breed

Now this is what I call... A rare breed! 
I was looking at my models for a "rare breed" category, and this guy was the first model I noticed! 
So, I thought..."Why not? Pegasus is a horse too!"

7. Portrait

This is a portrait of my "dream horse" :)
I created him using the "Design-A-Horse" Program on the Peter Stone Horse Website

This is "Ebony Star" the portrait horse of Zenyatta :)

8. Conga

Now, this category was hard... Because as you can see.. I have an equal amount of "congas" and they are all quite accidental congas too! 7 Congas :)
9. The Great Outdoors


10. Best In Show

This is the sweetest and kindest looking model horse of my whole collection.
When I saw this category name I laughed because my "Best In Show" model horse is, in fact a horse, has the word "Show  in it... Anyway, meet "Show Girl"!  She does very well in IMEHA Photo Shows, I haven't tried Live Shows yet because there aren't any in my province, oh well!
Monte Christo has been doing really well in his shows too. A few years ago I used to make these rosettes, I am kind of tempted to start making them again after seeing this one! I think this is my favourite creation!
Every pony deserves a rosette sash!

Thank you Jennifer! This challenge was fun and I love your blog! 
I hope that you will host more of these photo challenges! :)

Thank you for reading!
That's all for this post,

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